Get optimum performance from a Firenzo Freestanding wood burner

How to get the optimum performance from a Firenzo wood burner.

Lighting and burning your Firenzo wood fire

  • The initial goal is to heat the flue and create draw
  • Then to heat the steel of the firebox to create heat from radiation and convection
  • It is very important to get the fire up to heat and keep it hot

When preparing a fire use plenty of dry kindling. Light the fire and once the fire is established gradually add larger pieces of fire wood TAKING CARE NOT TO SMOTHER THE FIRE.

Always have plenty of flame. The first goal is to create a vigorous fire that heats up the flue which will create draw. Light the kindling and keep the door of the fire slightly ajar which will allow plenty of air to get at the fire and prevent smoking and smothering.

When there is a strong fire burning from the kindling add slightly larger pieces of fire wood taking care not to smother the fire and keeping a strong flame. At this stage the cast iron top plate will start to warm

As the fire and the embers build add larger logs of fire wood. Don’t skimp on fire wood and burn it vigorously. After some time the fire will reach optimum operation, keep feeding the fire to ensure the heat can spread throughout the room and house. Keep the air control fully open until the heating objective is reached.


Once there is a good ember base ease back to adding one large piece of wood as needed. Do not let the ember base drop back and always have the air control open when reloading the fire and leave it open until the log is burning well.

DO NOT smother the fire. If too much wood is loaded on to a low ember base the wood will only smolder and slowly build up smoke and gases. This mixture can ignite in an explosive manner which can dislodge the cast iron top and at least will cause a fright and expel smoke into the room. Always close the air control damper from high to low gradually.

Always burn the reload with air control open, turn down gradually as in accordance with our operating manual once the fuel is burning well and forming embers.

How to light a fire

Get the fire up and going with dry kindling and plenty of it

Big hot flames will start warming the flue and creating draft immediately keep the door slightly open, tend the fire i.e. do not leave it

Door slightly ajar (cracked) air control fully opened

Add slightly larger fuel maintaining vigorous flame. Flue hot, cast top or steel fins on insert firebox start warming, door ajar air control fully open

Add larger fuel. Cast iron top or steel fins on insert firebox warming, door ajar, air control fully open

Introduce large fire wood, cast iron top plate too hot to touch, the door ajar
Close door, air control fully open
Convection air temp higher and climbing

Convection air well over 100°C Reload with large piece of fire wood

Final: Fire now at optimum gradually close air control to half the air control. Enjoy your fire.