Firenzo Woodfires’ Warranties as at 29th May 2015

Hewitsons Limited (company number 569753) with a specified address of 98 Niven Street, Onekawa, Napier and trading as Firenzo Woodfires (Firenzo) gives:
  • a ten (10) year warranty but ONLY for the steel firebox, fascias and cast iron components of all Firenzo woodfires except for the Firenzo Coaster woodfire;
  • a five (5) year warranty but ONLY for the steel firebox and cast iron components of the Firenzo Coaster woodfire;
  • a one (1) year warranty for all other parts and finishes of a Firenzo woodfire including its refractory linings, glass, air supply components, wetback, seals, tapes, extrusions and the coaster cast iron fence and grate.

The warranty periods commence on the original date of sale of the relevant Firenzo wood fire to a consumer.

The warranties are given in respect of any defects in the specified Firenzo materials and workmanship that render the components unfit for normal domestic use.

For the full Warranties Statement refer to the Installation & Operators Instructions that come with the woodfire.

Firenzo reserves the right to change images and product information for continuous improvement.

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