Better for your home,
Better for the environment


Highly efficient Firenzo woodfires are an excellent environmentally-conscious heating choice.


Thanks to the innovation of our original designs, the quality of components and the standard of assembly, only very minor design modifications were required to meet these new standards.

Woodfire Facts:

  • Wood is a natural, carbon-neutral heat source; effectively, stored solar energy.
  • Burning wood efficiently and cleanly is a great environmentally aware way to heat your home. It releases fewer emissions, produces more heat and uses less fuel than other heating systems.
  • The key to low emissions is to burn the wood completely, meaning the expelled air is carbon dioxide neutral. Our fires are up to 85% efficient.
  • All Firenzo urban wood fire models are fully compliant with the new National Environmental Standard (NES).


It's absolutely wonderful (after using a gas fire for years).H.G M, Ashurst