Fire Safety - Craft Ideas

Fire is like magic to children. It represents warmth, light and celebration. However children need to know about fire has a scary side if it is misunderstood. You should take the time, from an early age to teach them everything they need to know in order to stay unharmed in the case of a fire. But how do you do that without scaring or worrying them? Our team at Firenzo have come up with some fun ideas for fire safety crafts to help you educated your child in fire safety.

To begin introducing them to fire safety, ask them what they already know about fire, its uses and safety measures. When you have finished creating your craft ideas, ask them a second time. You’ll be surprised at what they come up with!

Don’t Hide, Go Out Side! – This is such a simple but important message to remind children. Why not help them remember messages like these by creating a fun refrigerator magnet? Once complete, this will be a friendly reminder for every child in your house.

Create a milk carton fire station or fire tuck – This will defiantly keep those boys occupied! This is also a great opportunity for some role play and to explain how a fire station works and operates.

Fire safety chart and evacuation plan - Get creative with your little ones and create a fire safety chart or an evacuation plan. Make your children aware of the dangers of fire but also what they can do to keep safe and what they need to do in the event of an emergency.

Get creative with something as simple as a paper plate! Transform it into your child’s very own fireman hat. Children need to be made aware that if misused; fire can be very dangerous but at the same time, with a little online research, fire safety can be made into a fun activity for the whole family. We hope you enjoy some of our helpful craft ideas from the team at Firenzo.