Legends of Fire

Legends of FireIn the early eighties Peter Hewitson heard an article on the radio, Morning Report, about how DSIR, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, were researching new methods of creating efficient and low emission wood fires by providing secondary air supply to the combustion process and heavily insulating the fire box.

Peter contacted the DSIR and asked for and obtained the basic drawings of this experimental fire which was a very basic steel box with no glass or cast iron all one piece apart from the door.

One of the men working for the DSIR at the time was George Katzer and it was George who supplied Peter the drawings.

Peter started to develop his fire. He introduced a removable floating top and all parts were completely replaceable.

Peter then decided to put glass on the door to increase the ambiance of the fire. George totally disagreed with Peter when he was told of the bold new plan exclaiming that the glass would explode. Peter used tempered glass and there were no explosions shortly thereafter ceramic glass became available.

Soon after the Lady Kitchener was developed and a legend in the industry was born, Peter Hewitson.

Recently George Katzer, now in his nineties, visited the Firenzo factory in Onekawa, Napier and the two pioneers were reunited and relived old times.

The biggest laugh the two had together was when George reminded Peter about how he had told him not to use glass in the door.